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Reference Designs

Reference designs and evaluation boards are one of the most important design resources. They allow an engineer to evaluate complexity and performance of a circuit before starting a project. They mitigate many of the risks when designing with new technologies. They also reduce time to market.


Reference designs are often created by the engineers working for component manufactures. They are the experts in their field. This is their way of offering the support. The component manufacturers benefit from your success since they can sell more of their electronic components.


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Here are some of the useful designs and tutorials for reference:

  • Passive Attenuator Summary
  • Basic Passive Filters
  • Basic Active Filters
  • Common Opamp Circuits
  • LM317 Regulator Circuits, high voltage alternative
  • Multi-Cell Super Capacitor Circuit
  • Li-Ion Charger Refernce Design
  • Common MicroController Reference Designs