Custom Firmware, Electronics Design, and PCB Layout.

Our Design Projects

Our engineers have worked on over 50 different projects. With over 15 years of experience we can offer you both innovative and reliable designs.


Below are some of the projects that our engineers have completed over the years:

  • Medical devices and sports equipment, such as electrical stimulators and ECG amplifiers.
  • High voltage stepper motor controller for an industrial paper processing machine. 
  • High voltage 3 phase brush less DC motor for a laboratory equipment.
  • Hand held terminal for data collection.  Low power battery operated design.
  • Automotive climate control device.
  • Automotive power supply with UPS function implemented using super capacitors.
  • Automotive car starter and alarm system.
  • Vending machine controller.  Multiple money collecting devices: MDB and other serial bill validators, coin acceptors, smart card readers, support for credit card transactions.
  • Industrial control system operating a water treatment system.  Implementing user interface to the system, monitoring system operating parameters, reporting alarm conditions,  PID control.
  • Smart card reader.  Implemented transaction processing for microcontroller based smart cards.  Encryption schemes using 3DES algorithms.
  • Exercise controller using USB HID device.
  • Photographic timer for high speed photography.